The data-driven cloud platform for all your enterprise needs

Catapult Tech develops purpose-built platforms for enterprise market solutions

One Platform

Software, middleware, and hardware solutions contained in one powerful platform

Cloud Managed

Hundreds of real-time data streams enable remote monitoring and management 24/7

Intelligent Automation

Optimize and streamline operations with a suite of tools developed to achieve maximum efficiency

Flexible Enterprise Solution

Built for every integrator of any industry with any infrastructure and any content

IoT Devices Certification and Testing

Certification testing for industry standard 3rd-party devices for seamless and reliable commercial integration


Catapult propels technology in
Stadiums & Arenas
Restaurants & Bars
Digital Signage

Imagine if one company could provide a commercial end-to-end technology platform: that company is Catapult Tech.

Catapult provides a multi-solution platform that handles

  • Custom User Interface Production
  • Remote Management, Tracking, & Ticketing Systems
  • Wi-Fi Delivery
  • 24/7 Real-Time Reporting
  • Licensed Guide Data
  • UI Look & Feel
  • IoT
  • Infrastructure Solutions for coax structures
  • And so much more!

For enterprises, this means one company provides your end-to-end technology platform.

Catapult gives integrators the power to use one product family operating on one platform to lower costs and provide solutions to their customers.

A platform that doesn’t age.

It advances.

For 20 years, Catapult has provided technology to some of the highest-profile commercial installations around the world


Deployed & Managed Devices




Patents & Patents Pending


Users Per Year


Technology advances rapidly. No matter your industry, Catapult's suite of cloud-based, data-driven software and hardware solutions ensure you'll never get left behind.


Applications developed to extend the power of our platform.

Mobile Applications

Enterprise Apps On-the-Go


Stay In the Loop

Catapult makes managing your property easier.

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IoT Hub & TV Controller Apps
Remotely control and monitor IoT devices & TVs

Manage installations from the palm of your hand

The patented property & ticketing management mobile application

Cloud Applications

Flexible, Reliable, & Fully Managed


Work From Anywhere

Property monitoring & reporting whenever you need it.

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Property Management Tools
Patented technology for devices and networks

SITE Property Manager
3D model shows real-time status of installed platform

PMS Integration Portal
Compatible with 14 PMS


Interface Creation Tools

Tools to Craft Your Message


Your Brand Story

Enterprise content management systems to tell your story.

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Custom Interface Builder
Tailor the design and functionality of your interface

Digital Concierge Software
Message guests and/or staff via digital signage

VOD Apps
Custom-built apps for your media library

Middleware Stack

Intelligent Automation & Open APIs


Plug In & Go

Flexible middleware stack gets you up & running fast.

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SBB & Smart TVs Middleware

Comprehensive API Suite
Catapult IoT Hubs offer full integration including with the world’s leading open APIs

Proven & Tested
Certified and deployed across the world



Enterprise-grade hardware for every industry

Every major hospitality integrator has used hardware dependent on Catapult. We have been the core backbone of hotel technology for over 17 years, as well as stadiums and arenas, hospitals, and schools.

Below is a sample of our specialized hardware products. Contact us for purchasing details.

Infrastructure Solutions

RF Amplifier  Emblem

WiFi Access Point for single room use

Bluetooth radio for single room use

WiFi and Coax Networking Solutions

Docsis 3.0 CMTS is perfect for small to large people places like hotels, hospitals, stadium and arenas.  Remote controllable and remote manageable.

  • Docsis 3.0 CMTS
  • RF Amplifier  Emblem
  • WiFi Access Point for single room use

IoT Solutions

  • IoT Gateway
  • IoT Hub

Supported Stacks

  • Thread
  • Bluetooth 5

Digital Messaging & Entertainment

Digital Signage Media Players

Set Top Boxes (STB) / Set Back Boxes (SBB)

Linux or Android Capable

  • RF Tuner
  • IP ProIdiom
  • HD 3300
  • HD 4500
  • HD 5000
  • HD 6000

Data Management Appliances

Wearables for Security or Alert Applications

MadeSafe™ uses existing Catapult in-room technology to quickly locate an employee in distress when they click a wearable button. When the Personal Location Device (PLD) is activated, a geo-location signal is transmitted to security. Security can then identify the location of the employee using the interactive property map.


Catapult’s team of world class engineers are available to certify third party IoT solutions on the Catapult Tech platform or to develop your custom solution.

For all services, testing, and rate card availability, contact us.

Patent Licenses Available Now!

Interested in licensing one of our more-than-70 patents?

Feel free to contact us for licensing on

  • Patent Suites
  • Individual Patents


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